Commitment & Motivation

Do you need both to make change?

Let’s be clear right from the beginning here: commitment and motivation are not one and the same.
Yes, both are required in absolute spades for achieving success with strategies and goals. But there’s a good argument to be made that it’s commitment more than motivation which will see you through the hard days. After all, there are always obstacles presented by any long-term project – the challenge is, how do you maintain the momentum?

Do you need both to make change?

So many of us are motivated just by the very act of setting goals or articulating our intentions. Sometimes just writing it down or saying it out loud is enough for us to don our cape and start channelling Wonder Woman’s laser-sharp focus.
Truly. It’s why things often start so well when you set out to make a change – you list what needs to happen and, for a few days or weeks, everything rolls along beautifully. A warm, ‘I can do this’ feeling settles around you, items or intentions get marked off the list, and you pat yourself on the back for being so productive. ‘Go me!’ you think to yourself, ‘I’m a goal-achieving superstar!’ Yeah baby!
But what happens when the weeks turn into months and your motivation wanes? Where is Wonder Woman/Super Man when you need her/him? Can you keep pushing towards your goal when that end seems incredibly far off and you’re struggling to remember why you started in the first place?

Commitment, commitment, commitment

Here’s the secret – you don’t necessarily need a magic lasso. If you’ve planned for success at the outset and built a healthy dose of commitment into your strategy, your chances of successfully achieving your goals are far greater.
And I know it sounds clichéd, but have you ever stopped and really examined the habits of highly productive and successful people? If so, you’ll notice that they all have something in common. No, it’s not teams of personal assistants or accountability coaches (though both of those are damn helpful!) – it’s their unwavering commitment to show up and do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Whatever it takes!
Those of us who really succeed in goal setting are able to commit to specific actions and track our progress. We don’t lose sight of the end result, whatever that may be.
Successful people also recognise that you can’t get anywhere in life on your own. They seek support to reach their goals, which may come in a variety of shapes and colours.
It may be in the form of a coach who can provide fresh eyes and a different perspective. Or perhaps a mentor who has specific experience in the area of your goal. And it’s not always a formal process – sometimes support is as simple as a glass of wine and a catch up with a friend (or friends) you’ve shared your goals with (hello #cheersquad). And quite frankly, who can argue with the fact that wine or a good strong coffee makes most things seem more achievable?

Commit to becoming your best self

Now I get that we don’t all have a desire to be an Amazonian superhero who wears hot pants and a headband, but setting a goal which motivates and inspires you, something with a measurable result that you’re passionate about achieving, will give you a commitment boost to push through the hard times.
Committing to and achieving a worthy goal will give you a greater sense of self. It will challenge assumptions about what you can achieve, and arm you with the knowledge that you have far more resilience and perseverance that you ever thought possible.
All of which make it far easier and more motivating to commit to your next goal.
So I challenge you. Spend five minutes with someone highly productive and ask about their process. How do they determine and manage their own expectations and goals? How do they maintain their drive (is a coach, support network or #cheersquad involved)? How do they continually challenge themselves and commit to the process of achievement?