ARTICLE: Why is Executive Coaching Worthwhile?

How executive coaching can increase confidence and help you become your best self. The proactive and collaborative process of dedicated executive coaching is an amazing thing. If you find yourself at a professional crossroads, asking yourself questions such as ‘Where am I at? Where do I want to go? What could I change?’, then the solution-focused nature of a coaching relationship could be a perfect fit for you. There’s so much evidence to be found supporting the value and benefits of coaching, and it’s used by some of the corporate world’s most successful and self-aware people. Three compelling benefits to using a coach are accountability, objectivity and collaborative goal setting, and it’s those reasons I’d like to unpack a bit more today. Accountability So many people find they’re exceptional at setting goals, but not so dedicated when it comes to following through with the actions to achieve them! A professional coach will hold you accountable to a higher sta...

5:01pm 24 April 2017

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You are your most important project

ARTICLE: Commitment & Motivation

Do you need both to make change? Let’s be clear right from the beginning here: commitment and motivation are not one and the same. Yes, both are required in absolute spades for achieving success with strategies and goals. But there’s a good argument to be made that it’s commitment more than motivation which will see you through the hard day...

4:34pm 24 April 2017

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ARTICLE: Can You Unlearn Negative Habitual Thinking?

Is it really possible to alter habitual thinking patterns to become more positive? It’s been suggested as much as 95% of the brain’s 60,000 daily thoughts are habitual – that is, they’re the same things you think about every day. And 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative! So if the numbers are correct, that’s more than 45,000 thou...

4:49pm 24 March 2017

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ARTICLE: Who am I?

'Who Am I?' is an age old, yet still crucial question. We collaborate with our clients in unfolding their past/present/future 'story', so they may more mindfully, authentically and sustainably choose who they are being and how they want to live. Our story is our own, and we tailor our projects to the needs, priorities and goals of each person. ...

11:00am 18 March 2017

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ARTICLE: Setting Better Personal and Professional Goals

Stretch out of your comfort zone to achieve more than you thought possible. Setting better goals in your personal or professional life really comes down to actively choosing to stretch yourself. Now this doesn’t mean ‘stretch yourself thin’ – no no no! It’s more about pushing your mind and your actions just that little bit further than ...

4:56pm 24 April 2015

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