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Over a long career working in large companies across several countries, I’ve been on dozens of courses and had many executive coaches. However nothing compares to what I experienced with Who Am I Projects.

This was more than a ‘course’. It was an emotional experience that challenged me to really understand myself by exploring my history and environment on a much deeper level than I ever have before.

Through a mixture of group, experiential and individual coaching, I was able to confront my inhibitors and make significantly meaningful improvements in both my career and personal life.

There is daylight between Who Am I Projects and anything else I’ve ever been on. The team has amazingly talented coaches, masterfully led by Lisa Stephenson. A true 5-star experience.

Darrel Thomas, Associate Founder, Judo Capital

I’ve worked with Who Am I Projects since 2009 in a number of different capacities, having used Lisa as a facilitator, coach (both with team members and myself personally), and program lead.

This work has been done with a number of different teams, all with different mindsets and for very different purposes. However the outcome has always been the same – FANTASTIC.

Lisa and her team always deliver experiences tailored to the needs of our specific group or person. She works closely with us to understand what we’re trying to achieve, as well as the specific dynamics of the group or individual. This delivers a unique experience and maximises our outcomes. Every time Lisa delivers sessions the feedback is always extremely positive, with staff consistently wanting her back to facilitate.

The strength of Lisa and her team is the coaching outcomes they deliver. On the numerous occasions we’ve worked together for coaching, the development and growth of the individuals involved is discernible, sometimes life changing. This group clearly challenge individuals and teams to be their best and continue this process beyond the end of the program.

And while Lisa delivers maximum results, she also ensures everyone has fun. This team delivers outcomes!

Jacqui Colwell, Chief Risk Officer, Judo Capital

I met Lisa of Who Am I Projects in 2010 as EGM Corporate & Specialised Banking at NAB where I was developing what would become our highly-regarded THRIVE program, initially aimed at high-performing potential leaders in my team. From the very beginning Lisa offered us a program that was innovative and engaging.

During the highly effective 12-month THRIVE program, participants were challenged to think differently, grow in awareness and reframe their potential. The cornerstone of its effectiveness was undoubtedly her personal commitment to the program and every individual going through it. It’s been so successful that Lisa and her team were engaged to deliver the THRIVE program across the entire NAB Group.

I’ve engaged Lisa in coaching senior staff, as well as facilitating and leading team events. Testament to her incredible work is the fact that I recommend her unconditionally for her ability to deliver transformational coaching programs and events. She knows exactly how to engage the room at every level while delicately managing the balance between fun and confronting.

This is no day spa experience. The learning is long-term, and the results are a gift that participants keep forever.

David Hornery, CEO, Judo Capital