I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Stephenson for over 8 years, most recently as a senior leader host of NAB’s Thrive, 9-month development program for our most talented people.

As a Thrive host rather than participant, I was also given the opportunity to work closely with Lisa’s coaching team (the wonderful Anna) and to develop my own ‘I am…’ statement. The whole experience was deeply impactful for me personally, and led to some profound personal understanding that I certainly had not expected, particularly for someone with a banking career of over 40 years and even more years of life experience.

Participation in Thrive stands out from almost every other personal development program I have experienced, and is something that I wish I had been given the opportunity to undertake much earlier in my life and career.

Mal Carter, General Manager Risk Management, Business Bank Risk, National Australia Bank

I’ve worked with Who Am I Projects for five years on our Thrive program at NAB, a personal growth and leadership program for our most talented people. It’s designed to help them be the absolute best version of themselves by deeply confronting them on “who they are”.

The depth of thinking in Lisa’s approach on how to stitch together a year-long program, and the care, skills and coaching that Who am I Projects brings to our people, is world class.

The real test is what our people say and do after the program, and there is nothing but admiration and affirmation from them. And the proof is that our Thrive group have the highest ‘promotability’ to next level of any group we deal with.

Thanks Lisa and crew – I love what you do! Experts in every aspect of the services that you provide.

Russell Jansen, General Manager Wealth Operations, National Australia Bank 


Inspiring, humbling, life changing, stretching and real. That’s Lisa’s Thrive@NAB program.

Words genuinely can’t express how profoundly Thrive has impacted the hundreds of leaders that have undertaken the program over the past eight years, including myself. I’ve actually never experienced anything like it.

In a safe environment where you can courageously explore the question ‘Who am I?’, Thrive takes you on a journey of self-discovery that can’t help but challenge you. Because it’s not only about discovery – it’s also about who you choose to be, and how you choose to think and act as a result.

I’m absolutely blessed to sponsor this program. Thank you Lisa for not only partnering with us, but for having the courage to do this amazing work.

It truly changes lives.


Cindy Batchelor, Executive General Manager, NAB Business, National Australia Bank

I have worked with Lisa Stephenson and the Who Am I Projects team over many years, from very early on when the THRIVE program was developed for NAB and more recently, in partnering with Lisa to offer the THRIVE program to NAB Asia.

While an ambitious undertaking, Lisa and her executive coaching team truly partnered with us to deliver the THRIVE program, which was sensitive to the nuances of our Asian participants and their environment. They delivered a highly transformational and impactful program for a group of over 25 of our high potential leaders. I could not recommend Lisa and Who Am I Projects more highly for the work they do around talent, leadership and emotional intelligence. They manage to focus on both the work and personal aspects of exploring the true potential of our people. The success and change for us culturally, has been long lasting. This work will stay with me as a career highlight for many years to come.

The team are known for their ability to adapt and manage across all levels of an organisation. Lisa and her team gained our trust quickly and I expect this relationship to continue for years to come. A number of people in our business continue to work with the Who Am I Projects team by utilising the one-on-one executive coaching services. Indeed, the work they do on our executive panel across the organisation is both highly regarded and valued. It would be a privilege to recommend the Who Am I Projects team. Please feel free to connect with me if you would like further detail.

Kate Colley, Head of People, Asia and International Branches, National Australia Bank

I’ve had the great fortune of working with Lisa and her team at Who Am I Projects for the past couple of years.

It’s uncommon to witness and personally experience truly transformational behavioural changes and lasting results from coaching. However, that’s what Lisa and the team at Who Am I deliver.

Who Am I’s methods and programs are truly unique. They’re aimed at promoting greater self-awareness, empathy and trust in others, which has a profound and positive impact on teamwork. This, combined with one-on-one coaching with Lisa and her team, has left a deep impression – both on myself as well as on others who have been through their program.

Patrick Vizzone, Head of Institutional Banking Asia, National Australia Bank

I was a participant in a leadership program run by Who Am I Projects and can honestly say (much to my surprise!) that it was a life-changing experience.

I learnt so much about myself and have become a much more effective leader as a result. I’ve since been involved in subsequent versions of the same program as a mentor; firstly because it’s fun and challenging, but also because I want to help others get the same out of the program that I did.

The way they work with people is personal and challenging. I saw first-hand the impact the coaching work had on my peers. And I’m certainly more self aware and clear about what matters to me as a result of these experiences.

Calvin Cordle, Head of NAB Corporate VIC/SA/NT, National Australia Bank 


Kathy’s skills as a coach were at a very high level. She helped me build a toolkit of skills and thought processes to make strategic decisions, plan ahead and maintain resilience through challenging times.

Ben Bartholomaeus, Business Banking Executive, National Australia Bank