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I’ve been working with the Who Am I Projects team for the past two years. They delivered a 10-month leadership program for 35 of our high potential leaders, with participants coming from the US, Australia, UK, India and across Asia.

During that time, Lisa and her team also coached and consulted to the senior host group within our business, which included myself. It was an extraordinary experience and transformational for many, both personally and professionally. It allowed us to examine ourselves, our roles in the business and, critically, explore what needed to be different for future success.

The program was incredibly holistic and included personal coaching, group events, dinners with speakers, team building experiences, and business project work to deliver on. During this time, Lisa’s team forged strong relationships with our people and gained an intimate knowledge of our business.

Since, I’ve engaged Who am I Projects to deliver further leadership work in Singapore with a focus on understanding behaviour, strategy and innovative thinking. It’s an absolute privilege to recommend this knowledgeable and skilled team of facilitators and coaches.

Andrew O’Brien, General Manager SEA, India, Middle East and Africa, TWE Global

Thanks to Who Am I Projects, we’re in the middle of a cultural revolution – they’ve helped us rewire our business and drive more collaboration with some of our most talented leaders.

They are consultants, but our people often say it doesn’t feel like they are. Over the years I’ve experienced the passion, energy, creativity and knowledge they bring to the room. They’re currently (2017) delivering the Veraison program for us, with a second cohort underway and a third to commence later this year. This global program is for our most talented leaders with a view to exploring their true potential, building their emotional intelligence, and defining how they will be a leader in our business to deliver results and drive success.

Our leaders have time and space to step out of our business and really focus on who they are, what matters to them, and who they want to be in the future. With our business having offices across the world, it was clear we needed to create strong and resilient relationships; without a doubt,

The nine-month experience is beyond challenging, with plenty of tears, laughter and self-reflection. The use of ‘I Am’ statements and storytelling has allowed us to learn who is really leading our people. And while the work Who Am I Projects does is incredibly personal, it’s done with integrity and confidence.

Across my career, I’ve never received such consistently positive feedback about what is essentially a personal development experience.

Every touch point is high impact, and their commitment to what they deliver each and every time is first class. The team seamlessly integrates within our business to understand what’s important – they’re true collaborators who understand urgency and value getting results.

It’s with great trust that I recommend the talented and skilled Who Am I Projects team.

Megan Collins, Chief People & Communications Officer, TWE Global