Anna Meirelles

leadership coach and facilitator

With over 20 years’ experience in education, counselling, coaching and business development, Anna designs and delivers impactful coaching and developmental programs that truly develop individuals, culture and leadership in order to deliver high performance.

With an Honours degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and accreditations in a range of organisational and individual measurement tools, she has more than one trick up her sleeve when it comes to clients. Fuelled by good coffee and dark chocolate, as well as a desire for clients to see all the possibilities, Anna excels at supporting people to discover new ways of attaining goals and stretching themselves.

Clients experience growth and development that’s beyond the realms of their imagination – her guidance enables them to challenge limiting beliefs and habits, find possibilities in their problems, discover internal and external resources to make the possibilities a reality, and commit to the actions needed to make it all happen.

Anna’s been involved with the National Australia Bank’s THRIVE experience since inception. She’s incredibly flexible, using a broad range of coaching techniques to suit the needs, goals and style of each individual.

Personally, she fantasises about a PA to do all her paperwork, is often caught dancing in the kitchen with her daughter, and has a passion for Italy and Italians – so much so that she bought one of them home to marry. What a souvenir!