Jon Eddy

leadership coach and facilitator

Jon Eddy brings a rare mix of extensive, hands-on business experience and deep expertise in leadership development.

Educated in ‘system thinking’ disciplines, Jon is adept at seeing things from multiple (and often different) perspectives. He helps others to do the same, enabling them to tackle stubborn problems in new ways.

A key theme in Jon’s career has been helping people find the essence of who they are and what they uniquely bring to their work via a strength-based approach. In doing so, he’s helped innumerable high potential clients make the challenging transition from manager to leader. They’ve moved from delivering with their own hands to delivering through others, and in doing so are now creating space for their own people to grow.

Jon understands the importance of leading with values, integrity and a strong connection with others. An experienced facilitator and coach for leaders at all levels, he thrives on identifying and nurturing talent.

He also loves the White Stripes, Bowie and The Beatles, and has been able to spend more money on his vinyl habit since giving up coffee!