Kathy Rodwell

leadership coach and facilitator

As well as being a self-confessed disco tragic, Kathy Rodwell has serious coaching credibility.

Working with some of Australia’s leading organisations, she has over 14 years’ experience in behavioral and developmental coaching – in particular, leadership and executive coaching, career coaching and personal transformation.

Since playing a pivotal role in the pioneering phase of executive coaching, Kathy’s international certification in Neuro-Semantics and Meta Coaching means that she can facilitate with powerful insight and a keen alignment to each client’s specific goals.

She sets incredibly high benchmarks for professionalism, integrity and measurable client outcomes, getting to the heart of things quickly in order to move clients far beyond what they initially thought was possible.

Kathy’s also incredibly committed – committed to her field and committed to her clients. And, of course, committed to the vital job of finding our team the most interesting restaurants in any (and every!) city in which we’re working.


Kathy’s skills as a coach were at a very high level. She helped me build a toolkit of skills and thought processes to make strategic decisions, plan ahead and maintain resilience through challenging times.

Ben Bartholomaeus, Business Banking Executive, National Australia Bank