Rachael Harmer

Executive Manager

A mother of two (hence her love of wine), Rachael is the queen of multi-tasking. With 20 years’ experience in program management, strategy and people leadership roles, she brings stellar organisational skills and attention to detail to Who Am I Projects.

Cool under pressure, Rachael is Lisa’s right (and sometimes left!) hand, supporting the day-to-day running of the business and managing everything from media enquiries through to booking keynote speaking requests and everything in between.

Clients appreciate Rachael’s open and straight-talking approach (her children, not so much). Incredibly results-driven, she works passionately for each and every client to ensure we do so much more than just meet their needs. She’s supportive, quick-thinking, and a true collaborative partner who gets the job done.

Lisa has often been heard to say that everyone should have a Rachael in their life!