What We Do

Our talented and highly regarded team works mainly within the corporate sector, with individuals and organisations on short and long term learning projects that have at their core facilitated events and experiences and executive coaching. We also engage in keynote speaking globally.

An event?

This could be a one-day workshop for ten, or a hundred and ten. Or it could be a series of events (a program) across a longer period with the same or different groups. (We are pretty famous for our high impact ‘I am..’ statement events.)

An experience?

This could be a challenge that will stretch people, a celebration or reward for a job well done, a networking or team building event, a dinner with an entertaining keynote speech, a hike in the woods, abseil down a cliff or a sit-down around a fireplace – the possibilities are endless!


No, not running around the oval or playing better footy. This is executive coaching, life coaching, corporate coaching – usually one hour sessions for individuals, either face to face (over coffee), or by video call or phone. And sometimes it’s team coaching, working collaboratively with a small group for a particular outcome.

A project?

This is about people making themselves their most important project; putting themselves at the core of their personal, workplace and/or life success. Working on themselves to be self-aware, and to take the actions they need to be the best version of themselves, living their best life. A project may incorporate any of these other elements.

Speaking engagements?

Lisa is a global keynote speaker – give her a gig in Paris, London, Milan or just down the road, and she’ll be there. A week in a vineyard is good (she loves a good red), or just put her in front of a microphone during lunch at your team day. She’ll also write you an article for your newsletter, give you a quote or sit on your panel. Again, the possibilities are endless – and she’s up for all of it!

We are privileged to share in peoples’ stories, and to be a part of creating new (and even better) ones. We’re passionate about what we do. We work hard, plan well, dig deeper and aim higher. We work with courage, conviction and commitment. We are professionals – who have fun, share hugs, sing a bit and tell bad jokes!



Events & Experiences

We specialise in the planning, co-ordination, and facilitation of hugely successful corporate events: from workshops to conferences and speaker sessions, team-building events and challenging ‘stretch’ experiences, coaching roadshows and strategy sessions, networking and celebratory functions – whatever the brief, we guarantee that your event will have the energy, inspiration and focus that delivers outcomes and stretches (and entertains) your audience.

We tailor highly interactive, enjoyable, meaningful and results-oriented events to your business’ needs, partnering with you and your team to develop an experience that encourages participants to explore, create, investigate, innovate, learn, challenge, change and improve.

We are in demand in particular, for our high impact leadership and talent development programs. Our participants frequently comment ‘best workshop ever’ and ‘life-changing experience’. Please see our testimonials on the Collaborations tab for more words from clients.

We have very high expectations of ourselves, and very high hopes for our clients and participants. We believe people learn more when they are challenged, highly engaged – and having some fun.

From the conference room to the campfire, draped in snakes or zipping down mountains, anywhere in the world, with a few or hundreds, in laughter and in tears – you’ll find us in the thick of highly customised, incredibly well-organised, goal oriented, energising experiences.


Executive Coaching

Our highly experienced and credentialed coaching team has created a reputation for outstanding work: we make the connections, build the relationships, and challenge the status quo.

We encourage each person to open-mindedness, building self-awareness and an action-based, change-based, mindset; and a toolkit of skills and thought processes to make strategic decisions, plan ahead, implement needed actions, maintain resilience – and persevere in the pursuit of their goals. At Who Am I Projects, our passion lies in supporting people (and their organisations) to be the best version of themselves.

Our coaches have on-the-ground experience as business consultants, managers, marketers, educators, and leaders in the workplace, and use that experience to provide tailored coaching that develops each person’s vision and ability. We use our extensive experience in a range of industry sectors to facilitate the shifts needed to raise the confidence, performance, focus and alignment of clients, developing individual capability and agility through coaching toward the realisation of an individual’s full potential and optimising an individual’s strengths and opportunities. (Whew! Did you get that?) Lofty goals, but given time, inevitably achieved.

Our coaching experiences seek each person’s ‘truth’ and accommodate each person’s unique ‘self’ and reality. We facilitate robust conversations, operating from a position of genuine intent to see an individual, team or business become (…insert your desired outcome…).

We focus on results with great energy and passion, providing an empathic and supportive yet challenging coaching experience that’s grounded in the practical realities of today’s complex and demanding workplaces and busy lives.

We’ll collaborate with you to define what success means in all aspects of your life, challenging you to refocus your vision, realign yourself with your values, and unlearn the bad habits and assumptions that are holding you back.

For teams, we’ll facilitate the shifts needed to come together, appreciate individual strengths, and raise team performance. We’ll create more connected and energised teams, improving patterns of communication and lifting job satisfaction.

Once you have the vision, we’ll challenge you to create a plan that you can stick to, returning to it over the weeks and/or months of your coaching project to reassess, recalibrate, and celebrate your milestones. We’ll push you hard, ask difficult questions and expect honest answers. But we’ll also be your biggest cheerleader, most excited fan, and best inspiration to turn the motivation of your first session with us into a commitment that will last you a lifetime.

We’re inviting you to experience coaching with our team. They’re awesome! You will see a pretty quick lift in commitment, behaviour, ways of thinking and productivity once people take on board that no-one is coming! No-one is coming to solve the problems and hand you a beautiful life. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got … if you want something different, YOU need to do something different.

Call us – that’s what we do, something different.


Our Projects

Our projects are about planning for success; individuals, teams and organisations gain clarity around what their version of success looks like and requires of them.

The rationale behind every project is that if people make themselves their most important project, if they know who they are and what they want, and proactively work towards being the best, most successful version of themselves, then success, in its myriad and individual forms, will result.

Success may be bound up with money, status, power, achievement, winning, happiness, well-being, satisfaction, relationships, harmony, peace, growth, brand, celebrity, invention, innovation, collaboration, engagement, contribution – or something else entirely.

Our projects are about raising the bar, emotionally intelligent living, about thriving rather than merely surviving, and striving for a personal brand of excellence (rather than settling for mediocrity and comfort). Projects are about people moving closer to being the best they are capable of being – in a holistic way – at work, at home, in the community and as a global citizen, mind, body and soul.

A project may be a one-off event, an executive coaching series for an individual or group, or a mix of workshops, coaching, events and experiences. A project is customised to the needs and goals of each client. A project is what you need it to be – big, small, long, short, intense, relaxed, fun.

(We take our work seriously, but never ourselves: there’s always fun!)

Projects will sometimes include ‘audits’, (what!!!) where the various aspects of life and/or work are examined. We may ask, “How well are you integrating the various aspects of your life and work? Are you living and working in alignment with your values? Are you well, are your relationships working, are your finances in good order, are you where you want to be …?”. We may ask, “If you are looking back 40 or 50 years hence, what will you be thinking, what will you be wishing you had done differently or better? What will you wish you hadn’t done? And crucially, what will you do now? How?”

“Knowing that, what needs to happen or change or stop or start? How uncomfortable are you prepared to get, to get what you want? Are you ready to challenge the status quo? What are your strengths and how do you capitalise on them? Are you being the person/team/organisation you want to be? What are you responsible for? What are you not? What’s getting in the way of living your best life/doing your best work, and how do you overcome that? Can you articulate ‘me’ – goals, brand, strengths, experience, achievements, contributions, potential, value? (Corporate story-telling.)

Our talented team will have you looking through a high-performance lens, and challenge your beliefs about what (more) is possible. Within each project, people have the opportunity to step up to becoming the ‘craftsperson’ of their future, learning about themselves (and others in the project group), and keeping a close eye on the end game and the bigger picture. A project provides the space, time, people, direction and motivation to really reach for higher levels of ‘success’!
A project, in general, is an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a goal. But there’s nothing very general about our projects, nothing mundane or process-driven, nothing mediocre or run-of-the-mill, nothing boring or predictable. We’re changing lives here!

Please contact us for a chat about your potential project – whether it be for yourself, another person, a group or a whole organisation.


Global Speaking Engagements

Lisa Stephenson is a highly experienced, accredited and esteemed speaker, facilitator, and life coach – who talks about what matters!

She is therefore, of course, confident, credible, likable, believable, intuitive, and all those good things. And importantly, she is engaging, compelling, funny, unique – a great story teller and entertainer! But even more importantly, she is incredibly passionate about her message. In her delivery of it she is fearless. She challenges people to think harder about who they are, what they want most in life, and what they are prepared to do to get it.

She asks if people can answer the question, “Who am I?”, as this self-awareness is the essential prerequisite to any efforts to create a better or different life, and to achieve greater success (whatever that is for the individual, team or organisation).
She inspires people to seek clarity around what matters most, to prioritise time and energy, and to align life choices with what is most valued. (Workaholics take note: your work is what you do not who you are!)

Lisa speaks about the human way our experiences create the (sometimes faulty and limiting) beliefs we hold; the way our emotions drive our (sometimes inappropriate) responses and actions; and how we may mindlessly go through our day (and life) on ‘default’, doing what we’ve always done, in response to the thinking we’ve habitually thought. She may well ask, “When was the last time you thought something for the very first time?”. An important question as new and better results require new and better thinking.

Lisa will invite her audience to get themselves out of the way! To stop living on default, stop listening to their negative voice, and to move past the (natural) craving for comfort and sameness. (She laughed a lot when a client described her as the iron fist in a velvet glove. She sure can pack a punch!)

Her audiences will often provide feedback that they have been challenged, and provoked and entertained in ways they never have before. She often quotes Dr Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go!”, onwards and upwards, to feeling better, being the best version of you, living your better life.

Lisa brings together a great understanding, intuition and compassion with skilled life coaching. She has the courage to say what others won’t, and to ask the questions people didn’t know they needed to answer. She cuts through the ‘noise’, the jargon, and the zillions of self-help strategies, and invites people to make the changes they need to make to create the life they actually want – because no-one else is coming to do that.

Lisa sets the challenge for audiences around the world to understand that being able to examine and answer the question “Who am I?” is our most important personal project; that we all can strive to be the best version of ourselves – uniquely, authentically, imperfectly ourselves – yet working at ‘being’ all that we wish to be.

Lisa is available for speaking engagements, media interviews, panel discussions, conferences, masterclasses, podcasts and more … she loves to talk! And she does it, oh so very well! Whether you want a one line quote, a quick explanation or discussion, a paragraph, an hour or a day or a week, here or there or anywhere, please get in touch for a chat.

If you want a high impact experience, where the concept of ‘success’ is examined, the questions are different, thinking goes deeper, and people gain clarity around what they need to stop, and start doing, and learn and unlearn, to have their best life – then please contact Lisa.

Lisa’s honest message is that we all are our most important project. Pay attention. Live consciously and choose the life (and success you want)!

If you’re after a truly great speaker – choose Lisa.