Why Us?

Who Am I Projects is about people and their teams and organisations moving closer to their own and best version of success. We encourage people to explore the question, “Who am I?” in a holistic way, to identify and examine the values and priorities that drive them in both career and personal life.

Our projects are designed and delivered by professionals, experts in their field, with the goal of helping people and the organisations they drive articulate what success means to them. With the clarity and understanding so gained, we set them on the path to living their best life, doing their best work, and being the best version of themselves.

You are your most important project

We guide people in framing up and reaching for success –making themselves their most important project: looking within, taking responsibility, being accountable, making change, persevering. We talk a lot about emotionally intelligent living – that way of viewing the mind with presence and self-reflection. We encourage people to challenge critical assumptions they make about what they can achieve, and to capitalise on their strengths and values to envision their best life as an achievable goal – not just a rosy someday.

Self-awareness is the key to such emotional intelligence. When we are aware of and understand who we are, what we value, what drives us, and what we want – this is when we start to live our best life. Equipped with this knowledge we can be more proactive, make braver and better decisions, and more mindfully choose how we think, behave, work, and live. Emotional intelligence allows us to thrive, rather than just survive – and that’s what our projects are about.

We make strong connections between the goals you set and the actions necessary to achieve them. We’ll give you the tools and inspiration to make a plan and commit to it. You will be held accountable. This is not just about short term motivation, but rather long term commitment; commitment to yourself, and to embarking on your most important project, the one that will serve you for your whole life.

For organisations we customise high impact programs/projects

For organisations, we’ll be working in partnership with your leaders; tailoring projects to your needs and budget, and addressing your business’s organisational priorities, current challenges, and areas for development. We’re experts in tailoring interactive, enjoyable, meaningful and results-oriented events and experiences to meet your business’ needs.

Enhance your program with our experienced facilitation, coaching, event planning and organisational development services, or engage one of our experienced and knowledgeable conference and event speakers to entertain and inspire. Want more, or something different? Contact us.

Who are you?

‘You’ may be an individual, team or organisation. You recognise you have greater potential, more to learn, maybe some things to unlearn, and you’re ready to get uncomfortable. You’re reading this – it’s time to do the work on you.

Who are we? Why us?

We’re the ones who will give you the tools, strategies, direction and thinking to take who you are now onward towards who you want to be, where you want to be, what you want to be.

In the words of Dr Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go!”.